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This class is taught by:

Jennifer Schmoldt

With over 100 hours of Yoga Body Bootcamp taught, Jenn delivers well thought out classes that build strength while maintaining breath. The idea of Yoga Body Bootcamp can be intimidating for many students, Jenn makes sure it's always a fun class filled with laughter, play, music, and community support. Jenn sees each of her students as strong, powerful, and capable. In her class you will be challenged and find success no matter your age or abilities.

Jo Gassner

Jo Gassner (CYT200) has a love of adventure which has included rock climbing, marathons, triathlons, kayaking, hiking the Swiss Alps, and raising kids! But her passion for vinyasa power yoga has been a mainstay for most of her adult life. As a yoga teacher and spin instructor, Jo brings joy, lightness, and endless possibility to powerfully challenging classes by “keeping it real” and being present in each moment. Her “Yes You Can” attitude encourages others to take chances, and she lives by example. Recently, Jo added Advanced Yoga Body Bootcamp Training Specialist to her resume to integrate the intensity of the INSANITY workout with her love of yoga for an overall amazing and mind-blowing workout! 
Yoga Body Bootcamp ™ is the revolutionary new yoga-fitness hybrid created by Deborah Williamson. Think Cross-fit intelligence combined with sweaty, sultry appeal of Zumba, and you’ll have an inkling of the flavor of YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP - one ever-evolving work-out that will blow your mind AND body.

Get ready for a combination of Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor adrenaline mixed with the inner stillness of yoga. Crazy fun combined with yoga asana, fitness bootcamp stations and a whole new brain chemistry. But instead of the runner’s high, we’ll explore the different brain-wave states.