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Blake Opal-Wahoske

Blake Opal-Wahoske (RYT200) discovered his personal journey toward the path of enlightenment through yoga at Community Soul Yoga of Wausau, WI. Through his studies at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica, he learned the importance of meditation and living the yogi philosophy; “not only is the practice of yoga about various poses, but more importantly, yoga is the alignment of mind, body and breathe.” He aspires to maintain an inclusive learning environment for his students, where they too can fall in love with yoga. He describes this environment as, “a safe and loving space of warmth and comfort, offering uncompromising acceptance where each student may feel comfortable.” 

Blake Opal-Wahoske instructs the following:
  • All Levels
  • This class is for students who want a challenge at a slower pace. All levels is the perfect blend between Power Vinaysa and Slow Flow. This class begins with a warm-up of Vinyasa flow sequences to heat up the body and prepare it for a series of longer-holding poses.

  • Slow Flow
  • Slow Flow is for students looking to experience their yoga practice at a slower pace. Deep breathing during a slow and mindful warm-up will prepare the body and the mind for longer holding postures that cover the entire body. This class focuses on using the breath to support the body through a series of postures that strengthen all of the major muscle groups. This yoga class is soft and smooth but always challenging.