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Classes at Community Soul Yoga

The majority of our classes are taught in a heated studio. The average studio temperature is 85 degrees. The temperature is lowered to approximately 80 degrees for Long, Slow, Deep.

All of our classes are offered on an on-going, drop-in basis. You do not need to commit to a certain number of classes. You can simply drop-in for classes as your schedule allows. Download the MINDBODY app for instant access to our class schedule. You can sign into classes from your phone!

Students under age 18 are required to have a waiver on file with a parent/guardian signature prior to taking any classes at the studio.

Vinyasa Foundations

This vinyasa-style yoga class is designed for those looking to learn, or return to, the foundations of yoga postures (asanas), alignment, breathing, and technique. Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength in a supportive environment, encouraging the link between mindful body movement and the breath. Appropriate for beginners as well as those with an ongoing practice. No yoga experience necessary.

Power Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that “flow” together. This powerful yoga class is designed to make you move, stretch, strengthen, sweat, take off unwanted pounds, and burn away toxins. If you’re looking for an eye-opening, fun-loving, energetic yoga class, this is where you belong.

Community Class

This 60-minute class is our Power Vinyasa class offered at a drop in rate of $5 in our efforts to make yoga accessible to all. This is a great class to get familiar with power vinyasa yoga and get to know other yogis! Our software system will automatically apply your current package to this class UNLESS you purchase a Community class.  

All Levels

This class is for students who want a challenge at a slower pace. All levels is the perfect blend between Power Vinaysa and Slow Flow. This class begins with a warm-up of Vinyasa flow sequences to heat up the body and prepare it for a series of longer-holding poses.

Happy Hour!

Get your weekend moving at Happy Hour yoga! This class is a vinyasa-based hour designed to invigorate and inspire. This class is great for all levels, using modifications that make beginners feel comfortable, yet plenty of challenges for a more experienced yogi. You’ll experience a combination of creative flow sequences, arm balances and inversions, an eclectic variety of music, and lots of joy and laughter!

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is for students looking to experience their yoga practice at a slower pace. Deep breathing during a slow and mindful warm-up will prepare the body and the mind for longer holding postures that cover the entire body. This class focuses on using the breath to support the body through a series of postures that strengthen all of the major muscle groups. This yoga class is soft and smooth but always challenging.

Long, Slow, Deep

Long, slow and deep stretches will take your body to the next level of release, and will help you find balance, stability and flexibility. The entire class involves holding seated postures for 3-5 minutes, releasing muscle tension. Focus is on shoulders, back, hips, and legs. 

Core Flow

It's hardcore, baby. We’re amping things up with plenty of straight core work and yoga “training”, creating heat and major strength. Build a strong interior core, flexible hips, and strong arms. If you’re looking for a full-body strengthening flow, this is it! This class is set to music and heated to 85 degrees. Serious core and more!

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Experience the healing dynamics of the Ashtanga yoga system in a set sequence of postures that synchronizes breath and drishti (gaze) as a means to quiet the mind and build physical strength and endurance. This class is rooted in the primary series counted out in the traditional Sanskrit method but we will occasionally go off script and explore asanas from the second and third series in a playful yet challenging atmosphere. Be prepared to fly, float, and bend in ways you never thought possible! And you might just pick up some Sanskrit along the way!

Teen Yoga

Teens, this class is just for you! Empower yourself as we guide you through sequences of fun yoga poses while listening to top music hits and end with plenty of time to chill. These classes will not only help you de-stress from your busy week, but a regular practice will help you create long and lean muscles, increase your flexibility, clear the mind, and give you an overall feeling of well-being. A fun, interactive, welcoming and informal environment open to teens ages 14-18.

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Pop-Up Yoga

Look out for these extra classes to POP-UP on the schedule from time to time! In our efforts to make yoga as accessible as possible, we want to be sure you have plenty of opportunities to roll out your mat. Classes will be power-vinyasa based unless otherwise noted and offered at our regular rates. Stay up to date on current offerings by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Family Yoga

This class was designed for families with children 4 – 12 years old in mind! Yoga classes are playful but have a definite structure in place to keep everyone safe and learning. Together you will learn the fundamentals of yoga poses, and learn to collaborate and cooperate. Children who practice yoga experience greater focus, feel healthier and happier, and have an overall increase in their well-being. Family yoga at the studio is offered as a "pop up" class. Please check our events page for the next offering of this class.

Private Yoga Sessions

Whether you are looking to begin yoga, deepen your practice, develop a home practice, learn proper alignment for your body, heal an injury or attempt a new pose, a one-on-one session may be highly beneficial. We also offer private group classes at our location or yours. Please contact the studio for more information and pricing.
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