Proudly serving the Wausau area since 2011
300 N. Third Street, Suite 401
Wausau, WI 54403


Community Soul Yoga's Stamp of Approval

Here's what some of our students have to say:

“Amazing workout, welcoming space.”

"Every instructor brings something different and uniquely special to their class. As warm an environment spiritually as it is physically."

“Classes are challenging for any level, experienced or not. The instructors explain and demonstrate how to modify poses for a more or less intense experience. Power yoga is a faster pace, LSD is a deeper stretch, and boot camps are a mix of yoga and interval training but every class is different. No power yoga class is exactly like the next."

"I stumbled across this wonderful, little gem while visiting town. They welcomed me to their studio with warm hearts and bright smiles. The long, slow, deep class was exactly what this abused body needed. I'm happy and I'm at peace this morning...thank you to Community Soul Yoga!"

“Community Soul is simply the best place to practice that I have experienced. The studio is small, but warm and inviting. The community of yogis at this studio actually help shape my feelings of the studio by also being warm and inviting. They are passionate yoga practitioners who are always willing to give encouragement, and the feeling in the room is electric with every class. The instructors at Community Soul are fantastic. Each instructor has their own teaching style and philosophy, and I have learned many beautiful things from each instructor. What the studio lacks in size is more than made up for by every person that enters that door, instructor or otherwise. It is a community, and that is a feeling I have yet to experience at any other studio.” 

“If you are looking for a stoic, self-serious instructor, you better go somewhere else. The best part about Community Soul is Kirsten’s snappy style. She is encouraging, empathic, and hilariously wise. She is the Kliff Kingsbury of yoga: talented and practiced but still grinding it out on the mat. You take her seriously because you know she knows her stuff. She will also encourage you to work your hardest — for yourself. Finally, her expressions of wisdom are perfect for a modern, busy, maybe frazzled yoga practitioner. It’s wisdom expressed through humor.”
Reviews from customers of Community Soul Yoga

“Community Soul has been my regular yoga studio for the last year and a half. The studio itself is warm and inviting and Kirsten’s kind and quirky guidance makes coming back to my mat a pleasant challenge.”

"True caring, and commitment to be present and aware in your own body are found at Community Soul Yoga."

“I’ve been practicing at Community Soul Yoga for nearly two years and in this time, it’s become like another home to me. It’s welcoming, not intimidating and challenging. Kirsten has truly built a community and along with her fellow teachers, the vibe is funny, inspiring and keeps me on my toes. It’s a comfortable place, but I don’t feel complacent, ever. l love that there are men and women of all ages at the classes, from high school students to folks in their late 50s or even 60s. This is a great place.” 

"The studio itself is the only thing on the fourth floor of Washington Square. It’s small but tidy. Depending on the day and class you may be snuggly wedged in with 27 other people or you may have your pick of the floor during a more intimate session. No matter what, the people you practice alongside are kind, aspiring cohorts on your yoga journey. BRING A TOWEL…because after about 10 minutes you will probably turn into a sweaty beast. There is also a bathroom and a sink in case you need to refill your water bottle. If you are wondering whether or not you should try out a yoga class at Community Soul, you definitely should drop by. You will leave feeling warm, maybe exhausted, but certainly with a feeling of accomplishment and community that Kirsten has worked so fastidiously to cultivate."

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