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Teachers at Community Soul Yoga

Sonja entered her first yoga studio in 2013 while searching for a way to manage chronic back pain, and fell in love with both the people and the practice. Two years later, she decided to share that love with others by becoming a trained instructor in both power vinyasa and YogaBody Bootcamp. Students say her open personality and warm voice empower those who take her classes, providing them with a safe space to take chances and grow in their own practice. While not in the studio, Sonja spends her time with her husband of twenty years, Steve, and their four children. She is an avid gardener and farm girl, and enjoys giving her knowledge and time freely to others and the community garden she helped found in Wausau.
Kirsten has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2000, when she sought a path to compliment her graduate studies in Integral Psychology. She began her formal yoga teacher training in 2010 with her teacher Deborah Williamson and received her 500 hour certification in 2013. Kirsten's practice and teaching have been greatly influenced by her studies in personal transformation and mindful living. Her approach to running a yoga studio is based in community and servant leadership. Kirsten has also trained in trauma-sensitive yoga, mindful resilience for trauma recovery, yoga for anxiety, and reiki.
With over 100 hours of Yoga Body Bootcamp taught, Jenn delivers well thought out classes that build strength while maintaining breath. The idea of Yoga Body Bootcamp can be intimidating for many students, Jenn makes sure it's always a fun class filled with laughter, play, music, and community support. Jenn sees each of her students as strong, powerful, and capable. In her class you will be challenged and find success no matter your age or abilities.
Blake Opal-Wahoske (RYT200) discovered his personal journey toward the path of enlightenment through yoga at Community Soul Yoga of Wausau, WI. Through his studies at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica, he learned the importance of meditation and living the yogi philosophy; “not only is the practice of yoga about various poses, but more importantly, yoga is the alignment of mind, body and breathe.” He aspires to maintain an inclusive learning environment for his students, where they too can fall in love with yoga. He describes this environment as, “a safe and loving space of warmth and comfort, offering uncompromising acceptance where each student may feel comfortable.” 
Ashlie (RYT-200) found power yoga shortly after Community Soul Yoga opened, and was instantly drawn to the empowering and invigorating practice! As she committed to her home practice, she fell in love, embracing the mindful and self-aware side of yoga as well as the physical asana. She recently trained and became 200-hour certified through CSY. Making the shift from student to teacher has allowed Ashlie to share her passion and knowledge of yoga in a bigger way. She loves the yoga community in the Central-Wisconsin area and hopes to bring inspiration from her home practice into the lives of students by guiding them in a powerful yoga flow that combines intuitive movement, breath, and a gratifying focus on living in the present moment. Ashlie believes that authenticity is essential to living a holistic lifestyle, and shares her experiences with teaching yoga and her practice on and off the mat.
Steph practiced yoga on and off for about five years but it became a daily practice of hers just over a year and a half ago. At first, she used yoga as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Now, she finds new reasons daily that fuel her passion for the practice. She recently finished her CYT-200 training with Kirsten Holmson of Community Soul Yoga. Steph uses yoga as a tool for constant growth and endeavors to pass that along through her teaching. It's no coincidence that her nickname is "kid", Steph views life with child-like curiosity and fearlessness. She is willing to try or do anything without fear of falling or flying. Her only fear is not "living". She is half mermaid (loves the water), a cartoon watcher, a music lover, a hockey fan, and a Batman geek. Ask her friends and family to describe her and they would say she is unique, sensitive, courageous and a smart-ass (more "smart" than "ass"). Ask Steph to describe herself and she will say she's just fricken weird.
Jen Hinker (RYT-200) received her teaching training from Kirsten Holmson and graduated from Community Soul Yoga’s first teacher training in May 2015. She is passionate about sharing yoga with everyone, especially those who are new to yoga or those who may not think they can practice yoga, because everyone can! Her class will be empowering both physically and mentally. It will create a space where you can get out of your head and into yourself. She has been a student of yoga off and on for 12 years while raising her 4 daughters.
Eric first rolled out his yoga mat six years ago, and has been a steady student ever since. As a father of two and a business professional, Eric has found fitness critical for a healthy lifestyle. His main fitness activity is CrossFit, and Eric has found that yoga provides a solid balance of body and mind. Eric particularly likes to teach Long, Slow, Deep. "Deep stretch yoga classes have helped me continue a high activity level in all aspects of my fitness. The calming effect it has on the stresses of daily life is extremely beneficial." (RYT200)
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