Yoga Body Bootcamp™


“Mind blowing, body shifting, life changing…”

 Every Saturday at 8:30am.  

What Is Yoga Body Bootcamp™?

YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP™ is the revolutionary new yoga-fitness hybrid created by Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life. Think CrossFit intelligence combined with the sweaty, sultry appeal of Zumba, and you’ll have an inkling of the flavor of YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP™…an ever-evolving workout that will blow your mind AND work your body. Get ready for a combination of Biggest Loser,  Amazing Race, and Survivor adrenaline mixed with the inner stillness of yoga–it’s crazy fun combined with yoga asana and fitness bootcamp stations. You’ll sweat, move, and laugh your way around the studio and burn tons of calories in the process. Tunes will be blastin’ and folks will be smiling. It’s a sweaty good time. Guaranteed.

Community Soul Yoga was the first studio/fitness center to offer Yoga Body Bootcamp™ to the greater Wausau area. Since offering our first Yoga Body Bootcamp™ class, we’ve seen over a dozen more teachers from the area become certified teachers!

YBB Certified Instructors teaching at Community Soul Yoga:

Kirsten Holmson (Certified Yoga Body Bootcamp™ Advanced Instructor, 2012)

Jennifer Schmoldt (Certified Yoga Body Bootcamp™ Instructor, 2012)

Brittany Penn (Certified Yoga Body Bootcamp™ Instructor, 2014)

Angela Wenninger (Certified Yoga Body Bootcamp™ Instructor, 2014)

Yoga Body Bootcamp™ is a fun class with a little something for everyone. Here’s what some of our students have to say about it:

“YBB keeps me from that ‘one more’ drink on a Friday night and gets me out of bed on Saturday morning. After a long week of work sitting at my desk, it gets my heart pumping. I love the challenge but also the encouragement that comes along with it.” (29 year old former athlete trying to get back to a place where she feels fit and strong)

“YBB is another piece of my yoga puzzle. It’s the ‘amped up’ version that gets me going.” (48 year old wife, mother, and communications professional)

“YBB is a great aerobic workout that is easier on my joints.” (58 year old professional who is a former runner)

“YBB is a mix of everything– yoga, cardio, and circuit training! It makes me feel strong & empowered!” (25 year old former cheerleader, with long days at work)

“After a long work week it’s a great workout and gets your heart pumping!” (22 year old former dancer)

“YBB provides me with the balanced workout that helps with running. It also compliments my yoga routine.” (43 year old teacher and runner)

“I love YBB because it is social. I get my yoga practice in during the 5:30 AM morning class. We are all pretty much in 5 minutes before class starts and heading out right after to get to work. Nobody sticks around for coffee after; Allister Deacon isn’t even open when we are leaving! On Saturdays, at YBB this is where we chat. YBB is where I made friends, where I hear about someone’s daughter heading off to college, or a graduation party or a new job. It is  a relaxed, fun, friendly social environment and I guarantee I have laughed every single time I was there!” (37 year old mother)

“YBB helps give me confidence in my body. In a culture where body shaming is common and confidence can be hard for a woman, I find that taking my body further in a class like this gives me more confidence than anything else I could do. I also enjoy watching my strength and balance grow with each class I take. (28 year old forensic toxicologist)

“I am a 51 years old, married 29 years, and a father of a 22 year old daughter and 26 year old son.   I enjoy being active doing bicycling, water sports, snow shoeing, and yoga.  YBB helps me to advance my strength, increase my stamina, build confidence by accomplishing physical activities I didn’t think I could do, and have a better outlook on life by being physically fit.”

“I am 43 years young, divorced, mom of 3 wonderful boys, 14, 12, 8. I am continually improving my health & fitness by daily workouts such as P90X3, Insanity, Focus T25 and YBB. I enjoy the challenge of participating in OCRs such as Tough Mudder and Rugged Maniac.  YBB has helped me learn to put all aspect of fitness into one practice:  stretching, endurance, strength, balance and mental focus needed to reach my fitness goals. I enjoy YBB so much I became certified to facilitate a class should the opportunity arise!  The teamwork & motivation from others in a YBB class is incredible!  Love it!”

“I am 29 years old and in October, I will have been practicing yoga for 1 year. There were so many changes mentally and physically when I was practicing more often. It has become a challenge since my recent move to Medford. Whenever I get the chance to enjoy an hour of YBB, it makes my entire weekend better. I love the challenge and thought of ‘holy shit I can’t do that’ and then I do. The push and drive of the teachers who support us all the way through is remarkable. I seriously wish everyday could start out with YBB.”